riga never sleeps

Yesterday I had SO many revelations. So I decided to devote a post for all that jazz….

I think you know which city does not sleep … but Riga is fair enough… In fact, there is an old saying (a Latvian legend) that Riga will never be completed (ready) …. Once it is build up, it will go down under the water… So let’s keep our fingers that Riga is never ready and stays a live forever, forever, ever, forever, ever

Im smiling now… Its amazing how many songs pop-ed up while writing this post….

So this post is devoted for some of the new places, I have noticed recently opened in Riga/read about them in some magazines, or (what’s even better) some of my Twitter/FaceBook friends have told me 🙂

The lucky ones:

  1. STOCK POT CAFÉ (Ģetrūdes iela 6). Couple days ago I noticed this place going home after my work (see section: source of inspiration :)). Immediately I sensed something good and entered the place. The first thing I noticed on the black board was my favorite Tom Kha Kai soup. Owner Linda (and her husband – the chef Richard) kindly suggested to take-away the Tom Kha Kai soup along with basmatti rice and come back again some other day 4 a lunch. As the Tom Kha Kai soup was extremely spicy for such a common people like me, I knew I have to come back to this place. And my intuition has not tricked me. everything I have tried so far (Chicken Tikka Masala, Cuban Black Bean Soup, Thai Green Curry with Fish and they have more and more and more) has been delicious!!! Im so glad finally there is a place in Riga map, where you can get a decent thai, indian, turkish, etc. cuisine. I LIKE them on FACEBOOK. Why don’t you LIKE LATVIA as well (because, if you like Latvia, Latvia likes you 🙂
  2. Shoe hunt’in cafe (Blaumaņa iela 7) See: @ANNA_AMELIE already blogging about it:  http://annaamelie.wordpress.com/news/
  3. Franču kafejnīca GU (Vaļņu iela 41) Another French café, but perhaps it’s something special (as reported by Ms. Agija Kola – the owner is playing piano there). Need to check. http://www.draugiem.lv/kafejnica-gu/
  4. The whole Strēlnieku Street Quartier

– Art Café SIENNA (Strēlnieku iela 3). Have not been there yet, but from the outside seamed very welcoming 🙂 Will try out soon, when it gets a little bit warmer though. You can LIKE them also here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Art-cafe-Sienna.  

Restaurant PROVANSA (Strēlnieku iela 1a). Menu sounds very tasty. Should visit one day.

That’s it. For the time being. Now I need to run for an opening of Shoe hunt’in cafe. 🙂

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no name (aka no title)

This post won’t be about some super duper novelty, but as I said before, there are many places, which are not on my list yet, but deserve to be mentioned.

cydonia gastropub

I heard people talking about this place, the new interior (authors: architect Zane Tetere & designer Elīna Tetere), the menu with business special each day from a different cuisine: Latvian, French, Italian, Indian, Thai, etc… But perhaps because of my bad memories from the previous place located there (it was called Light), I was emotionally cautious about going and checking the new cydonia gastropub

But when once I read on FaceBook that cydonia gastropub is serving THAI, I could not resist any longer … So for me the day I visited cydonia gastropub was The Day 🙂 You may wonder, why I say so, but it’s because you can’t get a descent thai in Riga… And it’s such a pity… So the tom kha kai soup was excellent, so was the chicken noodles… Prices are a bit above modest, but you have to understand… it’s because of location … Berga Bazārs is well know for posh(y) places and spaces 🙂 call @ +371 6 7282055

I think the little cookies (in Latvian: “barankas”) hanging from the ceilings, lamps made out of paper bags, hand made wall decor (knitted!) and wet and dirty looking floor made my heart melt and let it go (the unpleasant accident what happened with me @Light).

Address: Dzirnavu iela 84

p.s. Other restaurant owners should learn a lesson. Customers want to have a good preview on premises, menu, etc., before they go … and they want to know where to go, that’s why a good home page is a MUST. I think it is needless to say (but I will still mention) that the home page must be easily navigable 🙂 That’s why thumbs up for cydonia gastropub!


Once (upon a time) a friend of mine mentioned to me a place called Riviera. Me, myself and I – the one and only gourmet & blogger Liga Riga had to hide her face under the table… and admit… I had not been in Riviera… nor in French Riviera, nor in this Mediterranean restaurant in Riga.

That friend of mine promised to take me there…The days went by, but the friend was silent … Well, he didn’t know me enough … Im not gonna sit here and wait for him (with his white horse) 😀 So I decided to go there on my own and have a lunch…

Voilà here you can see what I saw and ate, of course 🙂

I think the Mediterranean vibe is what we all need now in this cold and snowy winter…

Address: Antonijas iela 13

Here see what the owner is saying about his place (in Latvian though) and get the impression on Riviera interior, food, etc.

p.s. as always, Im glad there is someone out there also blogging about restaurants in Riga. Of course, Im less happy to admit that Im not the one and only (and also not the first one) but that’s life… That blog is in Latvian only, but perhaps it’s even better, as it does not give many compliments to the restaurant Riviera. call @ +371 26605930

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source of inspiration

Flat No.19.

This gonna be a secret post…

Coz it’s not easy to get in the Flat No.19. WHY? To be honest, I don’t know why … As for me it took just one random conversation with the right guy (Renārs Bīrmanis) @ a nice occasion – opening of the Plānotājs (it is in Latvian and means The Calendar), created by a nice lady (editor of interior, architecture, design, etc. magazine DEKO and blogger – Agnese Kleina) and here we go – I have all the needed details (password, door key, etc. :D).

OK, frankly, it would not hurt to have a telephone number of the owner – Inārs Bīrmanis. As definitely you want (and need) to reserve a table and make sure that they have stocked enough veggies and other stuff…

Thus, here comes my source of information (which rhymes so good with source of inspiration) … And the one and only – the famous food reviewer Ms. Liga Riga may present you the secret post 🙂

p.s. The restaurant is vegetarian.  And you can also have a lunch there. Prices are surprisingly modest. The food – DELICIOUS 🙂

For more inspiration check:



Address: Tērbatas iela 59/61.

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children of revolution

Im happy Im having so cultural friends. Yesterday I was at Prose Reading Event 2011 and I should add that my friend Aurora Rubinshtein was not only opening it with her first public reading, but she also took me to this brand new place Chomsky. Ok, to be more precise, it was Aurora’s friend Vents Vīnbergs who took us there.

Who is Chomsky you better google yourself or even better – go to Lāčplēša iela 68 (Avotu iela), have a kinky chat with the bar owner Jānis Veiss and find it out.

p.s. I thought Im gonna be the first one blogging about it, but no… here are some more cultural bloggers than I am 😦




p.s.2. a bit of musical touch:

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love is in the air

I already tweeted but it is worth repeating – I am happy that brunch culture becomes more and more popular in Riga. Last Sunday I got a very nice invitation from Dace to come for a brunch @LaKannaCafe (Terbatas iela 5). call @ +371 67286867

To be honest I can’t remember when I experienced such a kind and responsive service in Riga, because it really matters that waiters and what’s even more important -owners of the place treat every customer as something special. This is what gets you going to the place again and again.

So the food was delicious, atmosphere – relaxed and inspiring and it made me certain – I want to come back to this place next Sunday and even more – take my mom with me. Because there is something special about this place … there is something in the air – that’s why I chose such a title for this post.

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pop-up your life

Do you know what pop-up restaurant means? Well, to be honest I also did not know until I got a very nice invitation from a very nice person to a pop-up restaurant @OsisMāja (Ash-tree House). Ash-tree House would deserve a separate post, but I will leave it to other bloggers, as you can’t write about everything, but maybe you can? Obama would say: “Yes, you can!”.

OK, too often I am moving away from the thing I want to say (doctors would have a comment on this, right?). So, when I heard about pop-up restaurant, I thought about 2 things: pop-art and “spice-up your life” (yes, yes, that old Spice Girls song). I think my reasoning was in the right direction. Pop-up restaurant is really something that spices up your life and gives vibe and outstanding feeling. All you need is love in order to get in that pop-up restaurant (ok, ok, it means someone who tells you about it and invites you, as otherwise all you will get is reading my posts post factum).

find me if you can :)

p.s. I heard about another pop-up restaurant on the 6th floor or something (nearby Pērle), so all I need now – is an invitation. Feel free to contact me 🙂

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just can’t get enough © depeche mode

Recently I have been in three brand new places and I think they all deserve a common post. Well, it’s not that I didn’t like them, but something was missing in order to make me scream out loud. Let’s report in sequence of attendance.


I used to love Metacafe, which was there before Kitchen, so it was really a hard task for the new place to get me going. But let’s be modest – the chef is a cool guy, so he might surprise you (food wise), not to mention the owner! 🙂 call @ +371 20272827

3 pavāri (Tam labam būs augt)

The second stop was at Jekaba Kazarmas (in English – Jacobs Barracks) in Old Town @place called “3 pavāri – Tam labam būs augt” (in English – 3 chefs -Good it will Grow). The translation in English is my improvisation, as it is really hard to express what does it mean… My first reaction on the Latvian name of the place is that eating there will go in you favor (and you know how important for us girls is to be slim :D). Anyway that did not stop me as the place is managed by three great chefs: Mārtiņš Sirmais, Ēriks Dreibants and Rūta Rietuma, who ask for no comments, so does the interior (apart from Ladies Room), but to be sure, I really have to go there again (as the waitress really disappointed me). On the second floor the first Study and Rest Room – Viesistaba Kazarmās (in English – Living Room @ the Barracks) is having its home. Courses in cooking, vine drinking, etc. are given there. For more info go to their webpage, which unfortunately is in Latvian only. call @ + 371 20370537


Lastly, but only for sake of order Umami @ Ģertrūdes iela 27, Riga. Also here the chef (and owner) Elmārs Tannis says enough (meaning much) about the place and food. I liked the interior (adorable size – real family type restaurant). I think it’s worth going there for the chocolate muss with avocado ice cream!!! call @ +371 67312500

Once I hope to be seated at that round table with/under that lovely lamp...

As always – I’ll keep you posted.

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