new year, new me

It started with letting go. Now the new thing is let it be. So it is again January, new year, new resolutions and as a custom already, a new post from me.

There have been days I have thought – let’s blog about this, let’s blog about that, but some how I not only lack inspiration, but also lack feeling that someone is in fact reading at all all this shit.

Well, let’s see, perhaps this new year and new (better) me will bring some changes. Why I’m getting so sentimental? Really, is it just getting old?

Bruņinieku 63

Yes, indeed, the place is named after its address, which is pretty convenient, don’t you think so?

Very decent brunch, very decent price. We happened to get Mexican cuisine,

IMG_1816which they change brunch to brunch. Will surely come back and suggest others to do the same.


Loved this place from the first day it was open on Ģertrūdes 32. Now the second spot is on Pulkveža Brieža 2. Definitely a place for indian food lovers with some Bollywood vibe.


What next?

A room with a view. To be continued.


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2 Responses to new year, new me

  1. Zaza says:

    I have been to Bruņinieku 63 recently as well.. Cosy place off the track of tourists.. However, for the first time I believe it is a disadvantage though cause on Friday night we were the only customers for about 2,5 hours… hope that it will last longer than I think…

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