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I happened to spot this place right at the end of summer. Its grey interior is perfect for enduring your summertime sadness if you happen to have one. But don’t get miss-leaded. This place has nothing to do with sadness (and that bass). It is quite crowded during lunch time and evenings and it seems that all the cool kids hang out there. It does not matter if you call them hipsters, if they are in denial or not, all that matters is that there is something from that West Coast feeling.

Did I just happened to come where I came from? Oops, sorry for that. It was not my intention. I just really like this place – location wise, coffee (mokka) wise and of course that kinky coke wise. So, come and sit with the right outlet and perhaps get a life (read: haircut) as they have expanded that way too.

IMG_7204IMG_7206IMG_7209 IMG_7192








It’s been already more than a year since this place is open, but I’ve been too lazy (yeah right I’m too sexy) to devote a post for it. But I did tweet on them already back in November 2013December 2013 and February 2014, so I should be forgiven.

It is just that tweeting is quick, but here I spend too much time thinking what to say and how to say. Because you know me. There has to be some line, some rhyme, some vibe.

This is how I came to Lazy Francis while thinking what to say about this place. I guess Latvian clothing brand for girls has nothing to do with café Trusis and vice versa, but surely they both love rabbits 🙂

But what does the rabbit hearted girl love @ café Trusis? Maybe sitting in front of that huge street window and daydreaming of sun to come.

p.s. Trusis in Latvian means rabbit

IMG_5100 IMG_5103

Mazā Kaņepe

I think this cozy little place deserves to be mentioned. I don’t know is it somehow related to KKC, but at least the street and the hemp is the joint 🙂 I just can’t get that smile off my face. I’m high from my own chain of association. But are you following me?

Ok, coming back to what I wanted to say about this place – I tried it out for a quick lunch, but had a feeling it would be nice for an idyllic dinner.

Let me know if you happen to try it out that way.

IMG_7145 IMG_7147 IMG_7149


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