it is five to three

Finally someone let me out of my cage … Xmas and NYE was family time for me, so I almost managed to forget how it is being a party animal. But it did not take long and I am back on track again.


Surprisingly or not but I have to admit that again there is a reason why to head to the Old Town (read: Vecrīga). So, this post goes out for bar ber room. It seems I have a new lover (think: another love). OK, I know I fall in love way to easily.


What’s so nice about this place? Well, the interior, design, atmosphere, bars, drinks, cocktails, people, fancy people, Russian speaking people, bar tenders, barbers, DJs and the cloakroom man… I could go on and on, but … bitch you breakfast … A bit after three I felt like having one … and heading to home sweet home (read: Pulkvedis) was the right choice.


Party non stop, my friends! Let’s hope the year 2014 will bring something special for all of us!


p.s. guess why such title?

p.s.2. one of the pictures has answer.


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5 Responses to it is five to three

  1. andris bernins says:

    wow, your new lover is very much gay))
    but it is not fair that you have not made reportage from the club “Laternu stundā”….
    looking forward…

  2. AroundLatvia says:

    This place looks crazy! Is it still there?

  3. LigaRiga says:

    unfortunately closed some time ago 😦

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