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I know it’s been a while since my last post, but some time ago I wanted to say that summer is my excuse … that I still haven’t properly recovered from festival Positivus (as you can tell from the title), but it seems I have lost my muse for blogging …

Anyway, yesterday I read on Twitter about a new fast slow food place Terra. Someone said it could be like Stock Pot. Well, it was not … Nevertheless, it made me think – what have me, myself and I recently posted here? I know that nothing… thus I got to change it.


A good friend of mine took me here. Seems she knows all the hip places in Riga (I have to mention that hanging out @ KKC is her thing :D). Interior in Telpa is so old school/vintage, but don’t get scared of that. The food is delicious as their chef is well-known for his great skills in cooking eko food.

i know, it was summer when we went there :)

summer time... and the livin' is easy


This is something little & cozy, where you would not mind to have a cup of coffee or grab a sandwich as you pass by. Seams they have brunch on weekends. Have to check it out. Unfortunately, closed before I managed to take a closer look on it 😦


This is a little bar/café at a very industrial place and I really suggest having a Saturday or Sunday brunch there in order to get another view on Riga. Why it’s called ‘winter’ – I can’t tell you. Perhaps you go and find it out?

Bārs Eksports

What a lovely way to burn … This place is great if you wanna feel like a virgin (oops misspell) – like someone owning a y4cht, sailing around the world and caring for nothing… Ok, it’s a bit too far away from reality, but what you will definitely get here is a nice overview of the port, boats along the coast and of course the river Daugava… The thing is that a place with an outdoor terrace automatically gets on my favorites list. All we need right now is summer to come 🙂 Unfortunately, closed till 31 March, 2014 for renovation.


This is something relatively new. Located also in Andrejsala, not far away from Bārs Eksports. Really nice interior, but the prices are a bit above average. Recently I heard different DJ are playing there late evening lullabies, which, of course, makes it even better.

Gan Bei City @ Galerija Riga

I really think I have to mention this place as one can’t deny the beauty what you can discover once you get on the top floor of this shopping mall. Well, I agree that it’s not the most attractive way how to get there (taking elevator along with other customers of the shopping mall), but its worth – view wise 🙂 The place Gan Bei will serve you lunch, dinner or just a cup of coffee/drink for average price. No high expectations in that sense, but look over the roofs and see the sky!


Last, but not least – relatively new thai fast food take-away place. Really do not like the location (Old Town) and service could be better, but you can forgive all this if thai food is what you really miss in Riga.


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8 Responses to take me downtown

  1. LigaRiga says:

    oops, forgot to mention FISH BISTRO 3 ZIVIS https://twitter.com/3zivis will do some other day 🙂

  2. Good friend of yours says:

    and we need to walk to wok 🙂

  3. LigaRiga says:

    what a pity – FISH BISTRO 3 ZIVIS is gone before I even managed to blog about it… and I so much liked it 😦 now it is 3 Naži (3 Knives) there https://twitter.com/3knivesfood but heard that it is pretty expensive.

    and yesterday I spotted that Maize is gone too 😦 anyone knows why?

  4. Good friend of yours says:

    Humana izkonkurēja 🙂

  5. LigaRiga says:

    Have not heard anything about Ziema lately.

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