what’s new?

Recently two night clubs have opened and it happened to be there in both of them on the very opening night.

Soul & Kitchen @Ģertrūdes Street 33/35 (entrance from Martas Street). call @ +371 67278238

Baltais Kokos (in English The White Coco) @Mārstaļu Streeet 16

In both places you can have lunch & dinner (I know that in Soul & Kitchen you can also have breakfast). I have only been there on the opening parties, so I really don’t know about the food. But from the tweets and posts on Facebook I may conclude that everything’s fine there.


Today another Cadets de Gascogne has opened right next to my work @ Krišjāņa Valdemāra Street 35 (or sth). So it will be a real test to my character not to grab one croissant every morning.


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One Response to what’s new?

  1. LigaRiga says:

    Soul & Kitchen and Baltais Kokos are gone.

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