riga never sleeps

Yesterday I had SO many revelations. So I decided to devote a post for all that jazz….

I think you know which city does not sleep … but Riga is fair enough… In fact, there is an old saying (a Latvian legend) that Riga will never be completed (ready) …. Once it is build up, it will go down under the water… So let’s keep our fingers that Riga is never ready and stays a live forever, forever, ever, forever, ever

Im smiling now… Its amazing how many songs pop-ed up while writing this post….

So this post is devoted for some of the new places, I have noticed recently opened in Riga/read about them in some magazines, or (what’s even better) some of my Twitter/FaceBook friends have told me 🙂

The lucky ones:

  1. STOCK POT CAFÉ (Ģetrūdes iela 6). Couple days ago I noticed this place going home after my work (see section: source of inspiration :)). Immediately I sensed something good and entered the place. The first thing I noticed on the black board was my favorite Tom Kha Kai soup. Owner Linda (and her husband – the chef Richard) kindly suggested to take-away the Tom Kha Kai soup along with basmatti rice and come back again some other day 4 a lunch. As the Tom Kha Kai soup was extremely spicy for such a common people like me, I knew I have to come back to this place. And my intuition has not tricked me. everything I have tried so far (Chicken Tikka Masala, Cuban Black Bean Soup, Thai Green Curry with Fish and they have more and more and more) has been delicious!!! Im so glad finally there is a place in Riga map, where you can get a decent thai, indian, turkish, etc. cuisine. I LIKE them on FACEBOOK. Why don’t you LIKE LATVIA as well (because, if you like Latvia, Latvia likes you 🙂
  2. Shoe hunt’in cafe (Blaumaņa iela 7) See: @ANNA_AMELIE already blogging about it:  http://annaamelie.wordpress.com/news/
  3. Franču kafejnīca GU (Vaļņu iela 41) Another French café, but perhaps it’s something special (as reported by Ms. Agija Kola – the owner is playing piano there). Need to check. http://www.draugiem.lv/kafejnica-gu/
  4. The whole Strēlnieku Street Quartier

– Art Café SIENNA (Strēlnieku iela 3). Have not been there yet, but from the outside seamed very welcoming 🙂 Will try out soon, when it gets a little bit warmer though. You can LIKE them also here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Art-cafe-Sienna.  

Restaurant PROVANSA (Strēlnieku iela 1a). Menu sounds very tasty. Should visit one day.

That’s it. For the time being. Now I need to run for an opening of Shoe hunt’in cafe. 🙂


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One Response to riga never sleeps

  1. LigaRiga says:

    in fact, Provansa is gone and Priedaine (http://bistropriedaine.lv/lv/165) is now in that place

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