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This post won’t be about some super duper novelty, but as I said before, there are many places, which are not on my list yet, but deserve to be mentioned.

cydonia gastropub

I heard people talking about this place, the new interior (authors: architect Zane Tetere & designer Elīna Tetere), the menu with business special each day from a different cuisine: Latvian, French, Italian, Indian, Thai, etc… But perhaps because of my bad memories from the previous place located there (it was called Light), I was emotionally cautious about going and checking the new cydonia gastropub

But when once I read on FaceBook that cydonia gastropub is serving THAI, I could not resist any longer … So for me the day I visited cydonia gastropub was The Day 🙂 You may wonder, why I say so, but it’s because you can’t get a descent thai in Riga… And it’s such a pity… So the tom kha kai soup was excellent, so was the chicken noodles… Prices are a bit above modest, but you have to understand… it’s because of location … Berga Bazārs is well know for posh(y) places and spaces 🙂 call @ +371 6 7282055

I think the little cookies (in Latvian: “barankas”) hanging from the ceilings, lamps made out of paper bags, hand made wall decor (knitted!) and wet and dirty looking floor made my heart melt and let it go (the unpleasant accident what happened with me @Light).

Address: Dzirnavu iela 84

p.s. Other restaurant owners should learn a lesson. Customers want to have a good preview on premises, menu, etc., before they go … and they want to know where to go, that’s why a good home page is a MUST. I think it is needless to say (but I will still mention) that the home page must be easily navigable 🙂 That’s why thumbs up for cydonia gastropub!


Once (upon a time) a friend of mine mentioned to me a place called Riviera. Me, myself and I – the one and only gourmet & blogger Liga Riga had to hide her face under the table… and admit… I had not been in Riviera… nor in French Riviera, nor in this Mediterranean restaurant in Riga.

That friend of mine promised to take me there…The days went by, but the friend was silent … Well, he didn’t know me enough … Im not gonna sit here and wait for him (with his white horse) 😀 So I decided to go there on my own and have a lunch…

Voilà here you can see what I saw and ate, of course 🙂

I think the Mediterranean vibe is what we all need now in this cold and snowy winter…

Address: Antonijas iela 13

Here see what the owner is saying about his place (in Latvian though) and get the impression on Riviera interior, food, etc.

p.s. as always, Im glad there is someone out there also blogging about restaurants in Riga. Of course, Im less happy to admit that Im not the one and only (and also not the first one) but that’s life… That blog is in Latvian only, but perhaps it’s even better, as it does not give many compliments to the restaurant Riviera. call @ +371 26605930


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