love is in the air

I already tweeted but it is worth repeating – I am happy that brunch culture becomes more and more popular in Riga. Last Sunday I got a very nice invitation from Dace to come for a brunch @LaKannaCafe (Terbatas iela 5). call @ +371 67286867

To be honest I can’t remember when I experienced such a kind and responsive service in Riga, because it really matters that waiters and what’s even more important -owners of the place treat every customer as something special. This is what gets you going to the place again and again.

So the food was delicious, atmosphere – relaxed and inspiring and it made me certain – I want to come back to this place next Sunday and even more – take my mom with me. Because there is something special about this place … there is something in the air – that’s why I chose such a title for this post.


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One Response to love is in the air

  1. ZaMi says:

    the place was lovely, also the food was very fine.. but what concerns the service – well, the last time i was there, i got dissapointed about it – the waitress was far from kind or rather a bit arrogant…. perhaps it was just one of those crappy days we all have time to time, but you know – sometimes it is enough with a single expierience to hesitate before going there again..

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