pop-up your life

Do you know what pop-up restaurant means? Well, to be honest I also did not know until I got a very nice invitation from a very nice person to a pop-up restaurant @OsisMāja (Ash-tree House). Ash-tree House would deserve a separate post, but I will leave it to other bloggers, as you can’t write about everything, but maybe you can? Obama would say: “Yes, you can!”.

OK, too often I am moving away from the thing I want to say (doctors would have a comment on this, right?). So, when I heard about pop-up restaurant, I thought about 2 things: pop-art and “spice-up your life” (yes, yes, that old Spice Girls song). I think my reasoning was in the right direction. Pop-up restaurant is really something that spices up your life and gives vibe and outstanding feeling. All you need is love in order to get in that pop-up restaurant (ok, ok, it means someone who tells you about it and invites you, as otherwise all you will get is reading my posts post factum).

find me if you can :)

p.s. I heard about another pop-up restaurant on the 6th floor or something (nearby Pērle), so all I need now – is an invitation. Feel free to contact me 🙂


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