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Recently I have been in three brand new places and I think they all deserve a common post. Well, it’s not that I didn’t like them, but something was missing in order to make me scream out loud. Let’s report in sequence of attendance.


I used to love Metacafe, which was there before Kitchen, so it was really a hard task for the new place to get me going. But let’s be modest – the chef is a cool guy, so he might surprise you (food wise), not to mention the owner! 🙂 call @ +371 20272827

3 pavāri (Tam labam būs augt)

The second stop was at Jekaba Kazarmas (in English – Jacobs Barracks) in Old Town @place called “3 pavāri – Tam labam būs augt” (in English – 3 chefs -Good it will Grow). The translation in English is my improvisation, as it is really hard to express what does it mean… My first reaction on the Latvian name of the place is that eating there will go in you favor (and you know how important for us girls is to be slim :D). Anyway that did not stop me as the place is managed by three great chefs: Mārtiņš Sirmais, Ēriks Dreibants and Rūta Rietuma, who ask for no comments, so does the interior (apart from Ladies Room), but to be sure, I really have to go there again (as the waitress really disappointed me). On the second floor the first Study and Rest Room – Viesistaba Kazarmās (in English – Living Room @ the Barracks) is having its home. Courses in cooking, vine drinking, etc. are given there. For more info go to their webpage, which unfortunately is in Latvian only. call @ + 371 20370537


Lastly, but only for sake of order Umami @ Ģertrūdes iela 27, Riga. Also here the chef (and owner) Elmārs Tannis says enough (meaning much) about the place and food. I liked the interior (adorable size – real family type restaurant). I think it’s worth going there for the chocolate muss with avocado ice cream!!! call @ +371 67312500

Once I hope to be seated at that round table with/under that lovely lamp...

As always – I’ll keep you posted.


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