coffee and cigarettes

Good coffee is equal to a good movie. So today Im gonna take you out for a movie. Oh, no! It’s coffee time, so what about some coffee and a cigarette?

There are two recently opened places on Blaumaņa Street (btw Mr. Blaumanis was famous Latvian writer and author of many books which have become almost classics in Latvia) – Bonēra and Innocent Café. I think I heard from Bonēra herself that it’s a girls’ place and Innocent Café – boys’ place. Perhaps it’s because of the owners, but I think we need no separation; all we need is love and celebration! And Bonēra and Innocent Café are perfect for that. Apart from great illy coffee, which you can get @ Innocent Café, on weekends try their brunch and shop (ok, it’s fair enough with having just a look) some vintage clothing @ Bonēra.

p.s. unfortunately smoking is not allowed inside café in Riga, so you gonna need to save that cigarette for Vienna, for example, which as far as I know, is the last place in Europe, where you can smoke inside. Zum Whol!

p.s. 2. café Bonēra is located at Blaumaņa Street 12A (check and Innocent Café at Blaumaņa Street 34-1a (check


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