deli versus scooby snacks

Well, Im gonna be short this time. Just try yourself FONTAINE Delisnack (right after partying @PIENS). So far I have not been disappointed as far as it goes for what you might expect from a fast food place in the middle of night (or much closer – early in the morning).

Deli Snack came to Riga through Liepāja, which is one of my favorite cities in Latvia and itself is worth a separate post. I know, I’ll do that, but some other day …

Coming back to Deli Snack – it’s a really great slow fast food 😀 place. For more info check

p.s. You know, I could not stop humming while writing this post running around robbing banks, all wacked off of scooby snacks (c) Fun Lovin’ Criminals


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