what would veggies do?

First, I should say Im not a real vegetarian myself. But I really love veggies and cuisine with lots of spices, such as Indian, Chinese, Thai. I think I have got tired of complaining that in Riga one can’t get cheep Indian, Chinese, Thai food as in other countries all around, where my foot has stepped (Europe, States, Caribbean, Africa) and will step some day (such as Thailand, India, China).

But recently some new places have opened here in Riga and have made me think that things might not be as bad as it seems at the first look.

Ok, the places Im referring to are not cheap, but they are definitely worth visiting if there is a little veggie sitting inside your heart:

  • Kamadena, address: Lāčplēša iela 12. Restaurant with classy interior (I really liked those colorful lamps) and of course very very tasty food (Indian, Thai, some Latvian specialties). I was very happy that I could impress my dear friends from England – Linda and Alex, both true Indian & vegetarian lovers. Hope to see you soon in Riga or perhaps London? Btw I just found that restaurant Kamadena have business specials too (unfortunately this page is in Latvian only): http://www.draugiem.lv/kamadena 
  • Raw Garden, address: Skolas iela 12 – what’s special about this place? The food is served raw, nothing is cooked or boiled above 46°C and what’s the most attractive – the food is really served in kind a gourmet style. I was there for a lunch, but would not mind to go there again and have a look how and what they serve for dinner (starting from Wednesday).

If you start to know Riga bit, you may notice that both of these restaurants are in the same neighborhood. Thus, do not forget other places from my list, just around the corner:

  • Ajurveda. EKO Kafejnīca, address: Ģertrūdes iela 3, 2nd floor
  •  Bārs TAKA, address: Miera iela 10, http://pataku.worpress.com 
  • Rāma, address: Kr. Barona iela 56, next to Hare Krishna movement

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4 Responses to what would veggies do?

  1. littleL says:

    mmmm…lekker 🙂

  2. ZaMi says:

    I wanna try that Kamadena, but nobody is taking dear Latvian friends to that place ;P

  3. Linda Campbell says:

    Loved that restaurant, Liga – great choice! xxx

  4. LigaRiga says:

    Unfortunately Kamadena is gone 😦

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