there is sth about garage

I never thought that such day would come… I mean, when I would post something on my blog without a song popping up in my head… but that’s so.

Perhaps it’s because it’s already for sometime since radio 101 is around me and it sounds real good. Or, perhaps it’s because not everything happens à la carte? In fact, to be honest there are some songs in my head right now (cutting like a knife), but I think they are not the right ones for this post. They are just the right ones for me, myself and I. And let’s leave it so.

OK, I should move closer to the place I am going to suggest you this time. It’s called Garage but be careful not to get mislead. The Garage I am talking about is located in the same court yard where Hotel Berg and bar Andalūzijas suns is located (address: Elizabetes iela 83/85). The court yard is called bazaar by the way, so I am talking about Garage @ Berga Bazārs. There is another Garage in Old Town, but that is called in Latvian (Garāža) and I have nothing to say about it as I have not been there myself. There used to be also another funky crazy place called Space Garage, but I have not heard, where it has moved since the previous squat.

So, why am I suggesting Garage @ Berga Bazārs? Because its cozy wine & tapas bar and I loved sitting there by that huge window and see those shining lamps outside on the tree and on the neighboring red house. I don’t know why but I felt like in Boston, although I’ve been there only round March and could not really recall have I seen that kind of view there or only in my dreams. Cheers and enjoy!


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