in the midnight hour she cried “more, more, more” (c) Billy Idol

Can you imagine? I have had already some people (ok, ok, also including my friends) really asking me, when are you going to post something new @ your blog or why this or that place is not on my list. Well, baby, first of all I try to put here places I like myself, have checked myself and would not mind going there again or suggest you to try them out to get some impression on Riga and its people.

Couple of days ago I was walking through the Old Town and noticed so many new places that I was already asking my self is it still my Riga? I don’t know. And to be honest, those places did not make me want to come back and check them out. So I leave this open. For another midnight hour.

But if you happen to be reader of my blog and have some suggestions for a place to check out, let me know. And who knows, if I like it, I might post it on my blog. Like Nick Parker did. He asked me what about Cafe Leningrad (Kalēja iela 54, ? Although I have heard about that place before, I have not been there myself. So why not next Sunday (November, the 28th), when Nick Parker is having a gig there? For more info see:


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One Response to in the midnight hour she cried “more, more, more” (c) Billy Idol

  1. Nick Parker says:

    Wow, Hey, thanks for the mention. Very kind of you. Not sure I’ve ever made it onto any else’s blog (I confess I googled myself and riga to see if there was any promotional stuff about.) Which is how this came up.
    So yeah cool, cheers. Please don’t hold me responsible though if you don’t enjoy it (unless it’s the music of course in which case…)
    Cheers Nick

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