something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

OK, firstly I should apologize for misleading. The next few lines will tell you nothing about the wedding, marriage or stuff like that.

The thing is that I literally got a little bit stuck on this something new and something blue. Last couple of days I was passing by a place where formerly flowers were sold but now something new and something blue attracted my attention in the window-shop. Today I decided to have a look and see what’s inside, what’s in there? I had an idea about some art gallery or design shop. And voilà – it appeared to be a tiny café/bar/shop with some roots and links to photo magazine VETO. The place is called “VIETA”, which simply means “place/spot/location” in Latvian. Address: Kr. Valdemāra iela 61 (almost on the corner of Stabu iela and Kr.Valdemāra iela). LESS really is MORE 🙂 thus, for more info check:  

I’m happy that next time when my dear Latvian friend living abroad gonna ask me to take her for a coffee or so to some new spot in Riga, I’m gonna have something new and something blue on my list.  


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