centrālais gastrotirgus ain’t no NYC’s Central Park

I met these two nice French guys and it happened they took me to this one place recently opened, which I hadn’t had a chance to visit. Centrālais gastrotirgus it is called. And it ain’t no NYC’s Central Park.

Central market is very popular among tourists, but in a good sense. It is worth seeing the old pavilions and the renewed ones (the old ones were made from former German cepeline storages) and feel the vibe of the market.

Definitely worth going also after 7 PM – 5 AM when there is Latvian farmers market and you can buy local veggies, berries, etc., depending on the season.

And lastly. My favourite drink this summer – elderflower. Add gin, liquor or just try non-alcoholic (tonic water, soft drink – my beloved Fentimans), or even beer.



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summer fling taking over

Inspiration has found me again. Just applied for summer writers’ workshop. Let’s keep our fingers crossed so that I get chosen.

I have a friend who is touring around Latvia and exploring the best SPA’s and manors.

Here are my favourite. Some from Estonia and Lithuania though. And one from good time in Girona, Spain. Know some good in  Vienna, Austria, too, but we will leave them for some other times.

Silene Resort & Spa

In Latgale region. Which is famous with its lakes, churches and nature itself. Daugavpils is worth visiting due to Rothko centre, fortress and theatre.

Coming back to Silene Resort & Spa. It was just amazing. Feels like in an American resort. In a good way. Perfect spa, great restaurant (with a view over lake), many outdoor activities (please by the second SUP). Will definitely return. God, Nature, Work.

Jonhatan Spa

Hope he will take me there.

Rūmenes muiža

I hope I will take him there.

Vihula manor

Not that far from Tallinn. Beautiful country club & spa. Great restaurant.

Supelsaksad Pärnu

He took her to the supermarket. Beautiful, very cozy café.

Hedon Spa Pärnu

A bit over rated, but perhaps Im just spoiled. Not boiled.

I could not skip this one café in Tallinn. F-hoone. Also Rottermann Quarter is achtecture wise worth visiting.

Hostel el Nido

Glamping. He told me about such a new thing. This great hostel in Nida, Lithuania is worth staying over. Great prices and great location.

Nida itself is worth visiting. Wandering dunes leave everyone astounded. Palanga too.

Hope he will bring me to that rooftop café in Nida? Any clues which one?

Mārcienas muiža. There is also a hostel, where you can try out what glamping really means.

And lastly. We also went to Girona. Not far away from Barcelona.

Try Aqva Gerunda Banys Romans

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grab a drink & speak easy

I’m gonna start this post by telling you a story how I learnt this new trend “speak easy”. It happens that I’m working that ass off pretty hard, but in all these shades of blue there is some fun too. So back in 2017 my boss took all the colleagues to Rome and, yeah, introduced us with speakeasy.

So her’s the list for Latvian version:


Cloud 9 

Left Door Bar 


Old school:

B bārs

Last stop:

Franču bārs (La Belle Époque)

View vise (only):

Skyline Bar 

Star Lounge Bar  Currently under reconstruction. Let’s wait what Marriott will offer us 🙂


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room with a view

As promised, here are some of my favorite places you go and enjoy the view. All the rest becomes meaningless or at least less & less important.

In Riga:

Andrejsala is a special place in Riga. Very urban and industrial feeling, but that view on the river Daugava and ships and boats passing by can’t leave you behind. There are several places, my favorite is Koya. Check also Aqua Luna and Muusu Terase:


Osta. Restorāns ar skatu


On the other cost of the river Daugava. Just opposite Andrejsala. Ķīpsala is another great escape from touristic Riga. Žaņa Lipkes Memorial is a must visit place for sure.

If you are up 4 getting up  – try Dome Hotel Spa. This is no sea/lake view, but the restaurant and hotel is very nice and reservation of a table on their top terrace can give you a nice get away from the touristic rush in the Old Town and some fresh view on the lovely roofs of Old Riga.


I can not imagine my room with a view without a view on the seaside. Thus head to Jūrmala and have a cup of coffee or light dinner @ 36 līnija

If you wanna have a view on  the river Lielupe – try Laivas

If you just want to see the seaside, why not grab a čebureki? This is not a place with a view, but worth stopping by while heading to the beach. Don’t get afraid of that low budget outer appearance. The place is super popular for its dirty sticky fingers.


BTW there is also a beautiful concert hall in Jūrmala – Dzintaru koncertzāle. Its reputation is getting better and better after the New Wave has left 😀

During weekends or late afternoons, why not head outside Riga and Jūrmala and try some other places in Latvia? With a view and stuff, of course.


Close to Riga (30 min drive). A view on a lake. We have a saying in Latvian : “vakars uz ezera” – if translated directly – an evening on a lake, but its true meaning is: CIAO, not like greeting, but when it’s all fucked up and it’s gone, done, fiasko. Anyone who can explain it better – please help me here.


A bit more than 1 hour drive from Riga. Don’t know if open during winter, but perfect get away spot in summer for sure.

Here gonna be my café in Engure. One day.

Villa Anna

Even possible to stay over.




Must see town in Latvia – Kuldīga. 2 hours drive from Riga. Kuldīga is famous with its almost widest water fall in Europe. Red brick bridge. Wooden houses. Any many more.


Other nice spots in Kuldīga:

Goldingen Room 

Café Tilts

While on your way to Tērvete (hour and a half away from Riga), which is a beautiful park for kids and fairy tale lovers try Zoltners. For more hard core experience lovers – try Pokaiņi forest.


My favorite town in Latvia. It is a city btw. The second biggest after Daugavpils. But for me it is more about the wind, the sea, the roots, of course. It is 3 hours drive from Riga. Don’t get scared. Take a flight.

After concert @ Lielais Dzintars (in English: Great Amber) or performance @ Liepājas theater I would love to have a cozy dinner @ MO (some relation with famous Latvian basket ball player Porziņģis). For a lovely view try Promenāde. For alternative experience try Fontaine.

A great get away from the city – Bernāti beach. Try Chill Inn.


A bit more than 3 hours away from Riga. But it has another great concert hall – Gors. It is in Latgalian (another Latvian dialect) and it means spirit.  Stay over @ BĀKA (40 km from Rēzekne though, but it’s worth it). Where to lunch/brunch or dine? You tell me.


Another nice town a bit more than 1 hour drive from Riga – famous with its architecture, a stone on which you can step and see Riga 🙂 My suggestion – get tickets for some concert in Vidzemes koncertzāle and have a glass of vine @ their Vīna bārs.

A place I hope someone will take me soon – Villa Santa or Jonathan Spa. Surely report will follow.

To be continued.

grab a drink & speak easy ….

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new year, new me

It started with letting go. Now the new thing is let it be. So it is again January, new year, new resolutions and as a custom already, a new post from me.

There have been days I have thought – let’s blog about this, let’s blog about that, but some how I not only lack inspiration, but also lack feeling that someone is in fact reading at all all this shit.

Well, let’s see, perhaps this new year and new (better) me will bring some changes. Why I’m getting so sentimental? Really, is it just getting old?

Bruņinieku 63

Yes, indeed, the place is named after its address, which is pretty convenient, don’t you think so?

Very decent brunch, very decent price. We happened to get Mexican cuisine,

IMG_1816which they change brunch to brunch. Will surely come back and suggest others to do the same.


Loved this place from the first day it was open on Ģertrūdes 32. Now the second spot is on Pulkveža Brieža 2. Definitely a place for indian food lovers with some Bollywood vibe.


What next?

A room with a view. To be continued.

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back & forth

I took her to a supermarket. I don’t know why. But I had to start it somewhere. So it started there.

In fact she took me to a supermarket and it indeed kicked in and inspired me for re-birth of my blogging experience.

I know I am blogging too little and too randomly. But what to do. This happens when blogging is not your hobby (who the f**k has one?) and there is no one else who pays your bills.

So, let me come back to the idea of my blog. Back in 2010 I made a list of places in Riga I wanted to suggest to some Canadian guys coming over for a bachelor party (what a surprise! ok Canada may surprise you). Already then I apologised to all those nice places I left behind. I was certain it will be a good one I just some how happened to forget or did not remember… Mea culpa.

Osīris is one of that places. Special place 4 special people. It has a bit of that Twin Peaks atmosphere, perhaps because of that art deco interior (some how reminds me of cafés in Vienna or Paris).


IMG_0027 IMG_0028

I tried to find a sophisticated tune for this place, but all I was thinking of was that Wicked Game which perhaps is played there by its learned & historical clientele.


I know it is totally from different shelf, but isn’t decadence all about that going down? But no offence, I really liked this place (apart from ceiling). In English it means Cloud and the cute baby I saw there made me remember HIM. Yes, him and also my dad, who thought me a lot about his music. Yes, all kind of music (and not only mathematics as most people would think). So RIP, David, and see you on the day of execution.


Coming back to this café, I must say thumbs up goes for its being outside the Old Riga. In fact it was firstly opened in Old Town (I even did not happen to go there until it was closed and re-opened here). So the clientele surely will be more locals and less random tourists … I really loved starring at all those kitschy things in the interior. In fact I just found out at their web page that Mākonis is a café, cocktail bar and interior design studio. Now it makes sense why all those little details where so cute here.




If some one still remembers META KAFE, yes, it was firstly opened right here. Afterwards it moved to Spīķeri, until sadly was closed down back in 2010. I so much loved META KAFE. I guess it was my first brunching experience in Riga long before it became ultra or even way too popular thing on those lazy Saturday and Sunday mornings…

The new place Pagalms (yard in English) re-opened last summer. I guess location wise it is perfect. Almost in the middle of marvellous park, next to canal (one of few in Riga – yes, yes, I miss my Amsterdam), behind our National Theatre and right next to tennis court (love that sound when balls are knocked off … very sexual healing … balls and knocking up says everything I’m thinking of right now).

What I liked here was its mindful & a bit junky interior. And of course that green colour. Perhaps emerald now is my favorite crayon?



Food wise I would say prices were a bit overrated but perhaps this is how they make those who like wailing too much to stay away. I would not mind going there again to try some of their foody moody cakes, mango mousse, and all that veggie-meggie crap. Crap in a good way.

For the time being this is it. I end where I started. This time with him …

He walks away, the sun goes down, he takes the day, but I’m grown, and in your way, in this blue shade, my tears dry on their own …




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here comes the …


I happened to spot this place right at the end of summer. Its grey interior is perfect for enduring your summertime sadness if you happen to have one. But don’t get miss-leaded. This place has nothing to do with sadness (and that bass). It is quite crowded during lunch time and evenings and it seems that all the cool kids hang out there. It does not matter if you call them hipsters, if they are in denial or not, all that matters is that there is something from that West Coast feeling.

Did I just happened to come where I came from? Oops, sorry for that. It was not my intention. I just really like this place – location wise, coffee (mokka) wise and of course that kinky coke wise. So, come and sit with the right outlet and perhaps get a life (read: haircut) as they have expanded that way too.

IMG_7204IMG_7206IMG_7209 IMG_7192








It’s been already more than a year since this place is open, but I’ve been too lazy (yeah right I’m too sexy) to devote a post for it. But I did tweet on them already back in November 2013December 2013 and February 2014, so I should be forgiven.

It is just that tweeting is quick, but here I spend too much time thinking what to say and how to say. Because you know me. There has to be some line, some rhyme, some vibe.

This is how I came to Lazy Francis while thinking what to say about this place. I guess Latvian clothing brand for girls has nothing to do with café Trusis and vice versa, but surely they both love rabbits 🙂

But what does the rabbit hearted girl love @ café Trusis? Maybe sitting in front of that huge street window and daydreaming of sun to come.

p.s. Trusis in Latvian means rabbit

IMG_5100 IMG_5103

Mazā Kaņepe

I think this cozy little place deserves to be mentioned. I don’t know is it somehow related to KKC, but at least the street and the hemp is the joint 🙂 I just can’t get that smile off my face. I’m high from my own chain of association. But are you following me?

Ok, coming back to what I wanted to say about this place – I tried it out for a quick lunch, but had a feeling it would be nice for an idyllic dinner.

Let me know if you happen to try it out that way.

IMG_7145 IMG_7147 IMG_7149

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