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I took her to a supermarket. I don’t know why. But I had to start it somewhere. So it started there.

In fact she took me to a supermarket and it indeed kicked in and inspired me for re-birth of my blogging experience.

I know I am blogging too little and too randomly. But what to do. This happens when blogging is not your hobby (who the f**k has one?) and there is no one else who pays your bills.

So, let me come back to the idea of my blog. Back in 2010 I made a list of places in Riga I wanted to suggest to some Canadian guys coming over for a bachelor party (what a surprise! ok Canada may surprise you). Already then I apologised to all those nice places I left behind. I was certain it will be a good one I just some how happened to forget or did not remember… Mea culpa.

Osīris is one of that places. Special place 4 special people. It has a bit of that Twin Peaks atmosphere, perhaps because of that art deco interior (some how reminds me of cafés in Vienna or Paris).


IMG_0027 IMG_0028

I tried to find a sophisticated tune for this place, but all I was thinking of was that Wicked Game which perhaps is played there by its learned & historical clientele.


I know it is totally from different shelf, but isn’t decadence all about that going down? But no offence, I really liked this place (apart from ceiling). In English it means Cloud and the cute baby I saw there made me remember HIM. Yes, him and also my dad, who thought me a lot about his music. Yes, all kind of music (and not only mathematics as most people would think). So RIP, David, and see you on the day of execution.


Coming back to this café, I must say thumbs up goes for its being outside the Old Riga. In fact it was firstly opened in Old Town (I even did not happen to go there until it was closed and re-opened here). So the clientele surely will be more locals and less random tourists … I really loved starring at all those kitschy things in the interior. In fact I just found out at their web page that Mākonis is a café, cocktail bar and interior design studio. Now it makes sense why all those little details where so cute here.




If some one still remembers META KAFE, yes, it was firstly opened right here. Afterwards it moved to Spīķeri, until sadly was closed down back in 2010. I so much loved META KAFE. I guess it was my first brunching experience in Riga long before it became ultra or even way too popular thing on those lazy Saturday and Sunday mornings…

The new place Pagalms (yard in English) re-opened last summer. I guess location wise it is perfect. Almost in the middle of marvellous park, next to canal (one of few in Riga – yes, yes, I miss my Amsterdam), behind our National Theatre and right next to tennis court (love that sound when balls are knocked off … very sexual healing … balls and knocking up says everything I’m thinking of right now).

What I liked here was its mindful & a bit junky interior. And of course that green colour. Perhaps emerald now is my favorite crayon?



Food wise I would say prices were a bit overrated but perhaps this is how they make those who like wailing too much to stay away. I would not mind going there again to try some of their foody moody cakes, mango mousse, and all that veggie-meggie crap. Crap in a good way.

For the time being this is it. I end where I started. This time with him …

He walks away, the sun goes down, he takes the day, but I’m grown, and in your way, in this blue shade, my tears dry on their own …




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here comes the …


I happened to spot this place right at the end of summer. Its grey interior is perfect for enduring your summertime sadness if you happen to have one. But don’t get miss-leaded. This place has nothing to do with sadness (and that bass). It is quite crowded during lunch time and evenings and it seems that all the cool kids hang out there. It does not matter if you call them hipsters, if they are in denial or not, all that matters is that there is something from that West Coast feeling.

Did I just happened to come where I came from? Oops, sorry for that. It was not my intention. I just really like this place – location wise, coffee (mokka) wise and of course that kinky coke wise. So, come and sit with the right outlet and perhaps get a life (read: haircut) as they have expanded that way too.

IMG_7204IMG_7206IMG_7209 IMG_7192








It’s been already more than a year since this place is open, but I’ve been too lazy (yeah right I’m too sexy) to devote a post for it. But I did tweet on them already back in November 2013December 2013 and February 2014, so I should be forgiven.

It is just that tweeting is quick, but here I spend too much time thinking what to say and how to say. Because you know me. There has to be some line, some rhyme, some vibe.

This is how I came to Lazy Francis while thinking what to say about this place. I guess Latvian clothing brand for girls has nothing to do with café Trusis and vice versa, but surely they both love rabbits 🙂

But what does the rabbit hearted girl love @ café Trusis? Maybe sitting in front of that huge street window and daydreaming of sun to come.

p.s. Trusis in Latvian means rabbit

IMG_5100 IMG_5103

Mazā Kaņepe

I think this cozy little place deserves to be mentioned. I don’t know is it somehow related to KKC, but at least the street and the hemp is the joint 🙂 I just can’t get that smile off my face. I’m high from my own chain of association. But are you following me?

Ok, coming back to what I wanted to say about this place – I tried it out for a quick lunch, but had a feeling it would be nice for an idyllic dinner.

Let me know if you happen to try it out that way.

IMG_7145 IMG_7147 IMG_7149

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it is five to three

Finally someone let me out of my cage … Xmas and NYE was family time for me, so I almost managed to forget how it is being a party animal. But it did not take long and I am back on track again.


Surprisingly or not but I have to admit that again there is a reason why to head to the Old Town (read: Vecrīga). So, this post goes out for bar ber room. It seems I have a new lover (think: another love). OK, I know I fall in love way to easily.


What’s so nice about this place? Well, the interior, design, atmosphere, bars, drinks, cocktails, people, fancy people, Russian speaking people, bar tenders, barbers, DJs and the cloakroom man… I could go on and on, but … bitch you breakfast … A bit after three I felt like having one … and heading to home sweet home (read: Pulkvedis) was the right choice.


Party non stop, my friends! Let’s hope the year 2014 will bring something special for all of us!


p.s. guess why such title?

p.s.2. one of the pictures has answer.

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one flew over the cuckoo’s nest

I knew already when I saw renovation work being carried out, that there will be something so much better than the previous grocery store. And, voilà, a nice café has taken place of that crappy Milk Shop (as I used to call it due to my Soviet childhood “trauma”).


The café has opened its doors just last Wednesday thus there are no signs yet outside. But I heard from some good sources that it will bear name Žanna. Why so? This you can perhaps ask them. And then I can say that my associations with the Milk Shop were not that far from reality…


p.s. you may wonder why such title for this post? Well, Mr. Ingemārs Dzenis is kinda helping to launch café Žanna. Thus some birds can never hurt…

Address: corner of Tomsona and Nītaures ilea

Openning Hours: Monday-Saturday from 8.00-22.00

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i’m in the mood for

I guess you already knew what I’m going to say (read: sing) after seeing the title. But I won’t. I will just introduce you with two relatively new places in Riga, which I found pretty fly for a white guy.

Wok to Walk

If you are from Bulgaria, Columbia, France, Germany, Lithuania, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom or the United States you might already know what I mean by wok to walk, but for those who don’t – it’s a nice place where you can have (or grab as you go) some really crazy noodles with Asian/Thai/Indian sauces. This place definitely falls in my category of fast but good enough food.

IMG_3933 IMG_3931

As you can see, my little friend helped me to investigate there. He will take you also to the next place.

Street Burgers

This is something you should know if you are looking for a real alternative for burgers you can get in McDonald’s/Burger King/Wendy’s/Hesburger. I hope I won’t get sued for just mentioning them, but as a waiver I put down in here that this is only my humble opinion and it can not be regarded or interpreted anyhow as a fact or anything similar. Ok, this starts to get boring.

Let’s just get back to business. Street Burgers serve really tasty burgers. They say their beef meat is coming from a Latvian farm and their bread is custom baked. And their burgers are having Traffic-light “tattoo” on them. How cool is that? Well, I can only hope they will keep it that way and won’t get too fast and furious.


I hope you enjoyed my blurred lines and felt the mood I’m in 😀

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take me downtown

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but some time ago I wanted to say that summer is my excuse … that I still haven’t properly recovered from festival Positivus (as you can tell from the title), but it seems I have lost my muse for blogging …

Anyway, yesterday I read on Twitter about a new fast slow food place Terra. Someone said it could be like Stock Pot. Well, it was not … Nevertheless, it made me think – what have me, myself and I recently posted here? I know that nothing… thus I got to change it.


A good friend of mine took me here. Seems she knows all the hip places in Riga (I have to mention that hanging out @ KKC is her thing :D). Interior in Telpa is so old school/vintage, but don’t get scared of that. The food is delicious as their chef is well-known for his great skills in cooking eko food.

i know, it was summer when we went there :)

summer time... and the livin' is easy


This is something little & cozy, where you would not mind to have a cup of coffee or grab a sandwich as you pass by. Seams they have brunch on weekends. Have to check it out. Unfortunately, closed before I managed to take a closer look on it 😦


This is a little bar/café at a very industrial place and I really suggest having a Saturday or Sunday brunch there in order to get another view on Riga. Why it’s called ‘winter’ – I can’t tell you. Perhaps you go and find it out?

Bārs Eksports

What a lovely way to burn … This place is great if you wanna feel like a virgin (oops misspell) – like someone owning a y4cht, sailing around the world and caring for nothing… Ok, it’s a bit too far away from reality, but what you will definitely get here is a nice overview of the port, boats along the coast and of course the river Daugava… The thing is that a place with an outdoor terrace automatically gets on my favorites list. All we need right now is summer to come 🙂 Unfortunately, closed till 31 March, 2014 for renovation.


This is something relatively new. Located also in Andrejsala, not far away from Bārs Eksports. Really nice interior, but the prices are a bit above average. Recently I heard different DJ are playing there late evening lullabies, which, of course, makes it even better.

Gan Bei City @ Galerija Riga

I really think I have to mention this place as one can’t deny the beauty what you can discover once you get on the top floor of this shopping mall. Well, I agree that it’s not the most attractive way how to get there (taking elevator along with other customers of the shopping mall), but its worth – view wise 🙂 The place Gan Bei will serve you lunch, dinner or just a cup of coffee/drink for average price. No high expectations in that sense, but look over the roofs and see the sky!


Last, but not least – relatively new thai fast food take-away place. Really do not like the location (Old Town) and service could be better, but you can forgive all this if thai food is what you really miss in Riga.

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what’s new?

Recently two night clubs have opened and it happened to be there in both of them on the very opening night.

Soul & Kitchen @Ģertrūdes Street 33/35 (entrance from Martas Street). call @ +371 67278238

Baltais Kokos (in English The White Coco) @Mārstaļu Streeet 16

In both places you can have lunch & dinner (I know that in Soul & Kitchen you can also have breakfast). I have only been there on the opening parties, so I really don’t know about the food. But from the tweets and posts on Facebook I may conclude that everything’s fine there.


Today another Cadets de Gascogne has opened right next to my work @ Krišjāņa Valdemāra Street 35 (or sth). So it will be a real test to my character not to grab one croissant every morning.

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